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Classic Car Project Nomad #14

Classic Car Project Nomad #14 Classic Car Project Nomad #14 Classic Car Project Nomad #14 Classic Car Project Nomad #14 All the sheet metal on Project Nomad has been given the once over by Joscar Smash Repairs and prior to welding in the floor pan a number of other changes were made to keep the ball rolling.

The trunk splash panel under the tailgate was replaced by a new section from Danchuk. This was an interesting exercise as a lot of suppliers sell this piece and I was somewhat amazed that the same piece had a variety of different sizes dependent upon the supplier. The only reason I chose the Danchuk trunk splash panel was because it was the biggest. The theory was it would be easier to cut down than add to. It turned out to be a perfect fit but need a slight trim in the area for the hinges.

An executive decision was made to jettison the bonnet, or hood as they are called in the manual. Somebody had done a tap dance on mine and while a slick body filler job hid the undulations on the topside a blind man could see the ripples and dents from underneath. A suitable second hand hood was found and although covered neatly in surface rust it is straight, dent free and will come up nicely with a light blast.

The tailgate was put back on to check alignment and the good news was it fits well. The outer skin is in surprisingly perfect shape and had no rust at all. I canít say the same for the inside along the bottom leading edge which sadly resembled Swiss cheese. Just another thing to add to the list.

The back section of the wagon has been leveled and the spare wheel well has been deleted. Joe has made up a solid frame and cut a sizable sheet of metal to fit and in the future we will relocate the battery here once we understand the space limitations of the four link and the location of the petrol tank.

The frame that was tack welded to hold the car together whilst the floor was out is still in place but this week it should be gone as the floor goes in. Things are hotting up. Watch this space....

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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