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Classic Car Project Nomad #19

Classic Car Project Nomad #19 Classic Car Project Nomad #19 Classic Car Project Nomad #19 Classic Car Project Nomad #19 I got it wrong. I should have called this exercise Project Slowmad. There is only so much stuff you can learn from an education and then there are the real life lessons gained from your own experiences that hopefully you learn from allowing you to tackle something differently in the future. This is certainly the case for me with this restoration project.

I have rabbited on in previous articles about all my research, planning, milestones and budget and as usual, at least for me, all the best laid plans can amount to nought.

My first full blown drama was the floor pan. Six months and one week wasted with the end result of zilch. The only good thing to come out of that saga was the dodgy supplier in Queensland has gone out business and I got my money back....

Things were on the up and progressing smoothly and I had high hopes of penning numerous articles on the rapid progression of the Nomad. At this point in the restoration the two main companies involved, Joscar Smash Repair and Quickfit Motorsports have both exceeded my expectations and havenít put a foot wrong. So if youíve been reading these articles you are probably wondering why I havenít written one in a while.

The second sorry saga is currently playing out and with legs and fingers crossed should be over this week. In early October I was quoted 2-3 weeks to build a custom length 9Ē Ford diff, axles and centre and by the time it was shipped to me the three weeks should have gone quicker than a window shopper in Baghdad. If I see it early February Iíll be lucky and due to a range of circumstances out of my control this thing has dragged on to the point where I just want to tell everyone involved in the diff build to go and play in the traffic.

I am not going to go on about the dramas but the lessons have been learned and hopefully this will be the last go slow on the project. I can understand a few weeks, but months really piss me off. So rather than let it mess with my head I have been thinking ahead to try and ensure everything else is in order.

The big decision yet to be made is what I am going to do with the interior. Thankfully this is the last thing you do before getting a blue slip and hitting the frog and toad. Like the driveline, we are not talking factory here. It may come down to how far I can squeeze the Chief Financial Officer as there appears to be no end to what you can do and the accompanying dollars required to do it.

So I sit here dreaming about the diff arriving and ponder these four pictures and a gazillion others on what the interior may look like. God, give me strength and watch this space.......

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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