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Classic Car Project Nomad #20

Classic Car Project Nomad #20 Classic Car Project Nomad #20 Classic Car Project Nomad #20 Classic Car Project Nomad #20 The response on the diff finally came. The story had changed again. We are now waiting on the axles that had to be specially ordered from the USA. Once we get the axles, we can put it together and ship it. Should be a week or two...

Wrong. I wanted the diff three months ago. So after a number of questions I learn the diff is at the suppliers just awaiting the parts. Can you ship me the housing so we can set up the four link rear as the integral piece in the puzzle is the diff and at this point I donít really give a toss about the axles?

Yesterday, the diff housing and centre finally arrived less all the other bits. Hallelujah. I had to check it out for myself and see how it looked. I headed up to Hornsby to check in with Steve and Anthony from Quick Fit Motorsport. My expectation was to see the four link in pieces on the floor resembling a big kids meccano set, a diff (or part thereof) in bubble wrap and the Nomad still on the hoist where it has sat for the last four months.

When I arrived Anthony had a big smile on his face and said come and check it out. The only part of my assumption that I got right was the Nomad was still up on the hoist. To my utter amazement the entire diff housing and four link were neatly tacked in the rear end of the Nomad where they should be. Anthony had got straight into it and after all the measurements were checked over he expects to fully weld it up and could have it out of there tomorrow.

The problem with that is I need the wheels attached to get it on a flat bed. In order to do that I need the axles. I think you know where this is going.... I now give a toss. One weak link and your back twiddling your thumbs waiting. Patience has never been one of my virtues and I am ready to put this saga behind me and get the build back into a positive gear.

So check out the photos of the diff in the Nomad and real soon it should be on its way to Joscar for body and paint. Those with keen eyes will notice the old springs are still attached and these came in handy to hang the diff housing on while aligning all the components to weld. It also helped not having a complete diff because the empty housing was a lot easier to handle due to greatly reduced weight. The old springs will be removed when I return the chassis to Quickfit to have the driveline, fuel lines and petrol tank installed. Watch this space....

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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