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Classic Car Project Nomad #21

Classic Car Project Nomad #21 Classic Car Project Nomad #21 Classic Car Project Nomad #21 Classic Car Project Nomad #21 We’re rolling, literally. The axles for the diff turned up and Anthony at Quickfit Motorsport had them on before you could boil a cuppa. The discs look good and it appears there are no clearance issues with the frame but like all modifications we had to have one drama. Drama may be too strong a word but the end result is it will still cost me money.

The rear brake kit came with a number of studs and the studs fitted are too long. In another bag were smaller, thinner studs that match those on the front. So as luck would have it the studs need to come out and the other set fitted and then we are in business. The stud pattern is set up for a Chev at four and three quarters of an inch by five studs so this was another positive to take away.

The end result with the shortened differential should allow for a big fat dished rim to slide under the rear. In a previous article I detailed my love of the American Racing 200S wheels that but that was kyboshed by her indoors with a comment “you are not really going to spoil the car with those *@#* wheels are you!”

From the inside of the rear fender well I have a smidgen over four inches of backspace to play with. One hundred and five centimetres to be exact. Given I can get a nine and half inch rim in there it will allow me to have five plus inches of front dish depending on the chosen tyre. Most wheel gurus would state you need to leave an inch on the inside for tyre overhang but with larger, lower profile tyres it is possible to have very little overhang.

I am still contemplating seventeen inch rims and have looked at eighteens and twenties but aside from the additional cost and weight I am not keen to run a lower profile than a 40 series tyre. All the big rims you see have a twenty to thirty five series tyre which gives a rougher ride and the potential to destroy the rim in a pothole. The roads in NSW are totally crap and with each passing shower only get worse. Given the State Government is technically bankrupt and most local councils struggle to balance their budgets I am not anticipating the roads are likely to get better at any time in the distant future.

The only question now is what rim. Coys still look promising and the good old American Racing Torq Thrusts are always a winner. Boyd Coddington and Foose both do nice rims and they look like American Racing wheels anyway. I read somewhere Boyd sold his wheel division to American Racing before he died so the end result will probably come down to availability and sizing.

On Monday the Nomad is off to Joscar to have the body removed, all body work finished and a nice slick coat of paint. Can’t wait. Watch this space....

Words by Mark, owner of Classic Car Gurus


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