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Classic Car Project Nomad #22

Classic Car Project Nomad #22 Classic Car Project Nomad #22 Classic Car Project Nomad #22 Classic Car Project Nomad #22 The Nomad is moving again, now I just need to keep up to date with the articles. After a quick flat bed trip it is safely ensconced at Joscar once again where it will have the front panels aligned and gapped and then the body comes off the chassis.

There has been a lot of thinking on my part on how to minimise the transport trips between all the locations and working out what will be the best steps going forward. The decision to have the wiring and interior done in Melbourne has been made and to make transporting easier I need everything else sorted before it goes south.

This will require the exhaust to be finalised and the computer to manage the LS2 tweaked so that it understands it is in a classic rather than a current Commodore. I felt it would be good to be able to fire it up once the wiring was done so if there were any issues it could be sorted out at that time. It will also help by driving it onto a flat bed for the short trip to the trimmers.

There is one issue with the exhaust and that centres on not having a body mounted to the frame. The hole for the steering column has not yet been cut through the firewall and to ensure a set of extractors has adequate clearance from the steering linkage, frame and inner guards I checked out Brianís 55 Chev convertible to see how everything would line up. The photos show that his custom made set of extractors fit within the line of the chassis rail and this will help us in setting up the driveline in the chassis while the body is removed.

I plan on using a set of Pacemaker extractors and if needed we will tweak them to fit around the steering linkage. After all this is done the extractors will be sent off to Queensland to allow the team at Competition Coatings to work their magic and provide a coating to ensure longer life and reduced heat in the engine bay.

Another piece of the puzzle has come together with the selection of a set of wheels. This is an area where you are spoilt for choice and apart from the gazillion alloy, chrome and vintage wheels available you can even have your own design custom fabricated in Australia. Wheels obviously add bling and they will be the one external visual element that will not be stock when looking at the car.

After checking out all the options, seeing various Chevs at car shows and plenty more on other classics, rods and customs I decided to stick with a tried and true winner in American Racing Torq Thrust alloy wheels. In my opinion they suit the car, provide the ability to be repaired if I lose an encounter with a gutter and they provide multiple backspace, wheels size and rim width options.

I have just received a call from Moulding Repairs and Polishing to say my mouldings are ready so I am off to pick them up. Watch this space...

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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