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Classic Car Project Nomad #28

Classic Car Project Nomad #28 Classic Car Project Nomad #28 Classic Car Project Nomad #28 Classic Car Project Nomad #28 As the Nomad moves forward I am finally starting to move a lot of the parts out of my garage to enable Joscar to gap and fit all the bits and pieces that will be installed on the body. Getting everything to line up is essential so the mouldings, external trim and bumpers have been taken over to ensure they are aligned correctly.

At the same time I have cleared out a lot of the other parts that will be required in the next few phases of the build. Tail lights, fin mouldings, rubber seals, fender anti squeak kit, weather strips – there is so many parts in boxes required for a project like this that I now start to understand why the account balance is looking so shabby.

While I am on a roll it seemed like a good time to jettison the parts that are not required and the perfect avenue to do this is to throw them all on eBay. So far the old headlight bezels, heater box and vents, radiator, gearbox, drive shaft, battery box, clock, diff, front seat and the hood bar and extensions have all been snapped by other 57 Chev fans.

With the price of parts from the US not being helped by an unfavourable exchange rate the demand locally is certainly there. A few surprises were the spirited bidding on the clock and hood bar and extensions. I had no idea if the clock even worked and even though I stated that in the ad it still sold for five times what I thought it may be worth. The hood bar and extensions went for three times my initial posted price point which also proved a pleasant surprise. I was just glad to reclaim more space in the garage....

There are still plenty of parts I need to move but it takes time to photograph, list, answer questions and deal with people so this will be an ongoing process that hopefully in a few months will see my garage returned to a normal state, if such a thing exists.

Having dropped off the parts at Joscar it was again pleasing to see that time had not stood still. The doors and front panel work had been finished and shot in primer giving the Nomad a more complete look. The tailgate had been tweaked some more and aligns even better now and is very close to its final shape. A number of holes in the engine bay have been filled and ground and word came through that the new bonnet will arrive next week (fingers crossed). So all in all it appears we are still on track to get the body off the chassis in the next few weeks. Then things really get interesting. Watch this space....

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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