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Classic Car Project Nomad #29

Classic Car Project Nomad #29 Classic Car Project Nomad #29 Classic Car Project Nomad #29 Classic Car Project Nomad #29 The crookest thing on the car– the liftgate, is now looking like a piece of art. A few articles ago I documented the alignment issue we faced and Brian has been slowly tweaking the liftgate to make it better and over time it has come together extremely well.

Not only does it close and align with the bottom tailgate but the gaps are now consistent and it lines up beautifully with the window mouldings. To have it all come together the rubber seals and mouldings were fitted so that we could understand how flush it would sit and if there were any gaps that would be potentially leak water.

When these cars were produced back in their day the quality of fit, finish and gaps was somewhat different to what you get in a modern car. You often read of classics being over restored by pedantic owners who want them to be perfect. Fair enough. But they often did not leave the factory perfect which is why in a number of concours events they will be marked down as they are now better than original. I don’t have to worry about such follies with the Nomad as it will never come within a bull’s roar of qualifying for a concours event.

One such example of the quality produced in 1957 on my Nomad is the gap difference either side of the drip rail running around the roof and where it meets the liftgate. On the right hand side there is a gap of four to five millimetres, on the left hand side it is double that. Joe picked it straight away and wanted to fix it so the gaps are even on both sides. The mouldings line up perfectly with the way it left the factory so I decided to leave it as it is much to Joe’s disgust. Hopefully in the chroming process the shape of the liftgate will not be altered.

The new bonnet arrived and is being trial fitted and I dropped off the seats and most of the other parts so anything that needs to be fitted prior to the body being pulled can be. The steering column, pedals and a central handbrake bracket between the bucket seats are being installed this week so (touch wood) everything is progressing smoothly.....

Words by Mark, owner of Classic Car Gurus


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