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Classic Car Project Nomad #31

Classic Car Project Nomad #31 Classic Car Project Nomad #31 Classic Car Project Nomad #31 Classic Car Project Nomad #31 I had the pleasure late last week of popping over to Joscar to arrange transportation of Project Nomad to Quickfit Motorsports at Hornsby for the next chapter in the build. With input from Brian and Joe at Joscar we decided to massage the schedule a little and change around a few of the milestones in the restoration process.

They had sorted the body, gapped the panels, fitted all the dash components including the inserts and column, straightened the liftgate, aligned the tailgate, mounted the radiator support, radiator and overflow bottle and trial fitted most of the external mouldings, chrome and bling bits. At this point I was going to take the chassis and they would keep the body for final prep and paint.

The decision was made to give me the body from the firewall back still mounted on the chassis. Brian and Joe had squirted colour on the underside floor pan, dash and firewall in preparation for the driveline being reinstalled in the car by Quickfit. The plan is to have Quickfit lift the body off the chassis, clean then powder coat the chassis and the suspension components, drop the motor, gearbox, clutch, drive shaft and petrol tank in and plumb the fuel and brake lines and install the clutch master slave cylinder.

One advantage of having the body with the chassis is the simplified process of building the exhaust and getting the clearances right for the extractors, cats and rear pipes. This should also result in less trips on the flatbed between shops as the intent is to have the driveline fully installed, the computer reprogrammed and all the pipes sorted so that it goes back to Joscar for paint and build, then to Classic Wiring Looms for wiring and finally to Chris O’Shea Motor Trimming for the interior. Once it is wired it should be driveable which should make it easier to be moved around.

There is a long list of things to be done at Quickfit and Anthony is fired up and ready to get stuck in to them. I reckon it will only be there for three weeks tops and the wild card regarding the timing will be the powder coating of the chassis and the coating of the extractors – both of which will be sent out.

The world would be a very dull place if everything was black and white – check out the colour on the Nomad. I reckon once it’s fully squirted and the chrome, trim, bling and glass are installed it should look stand out. There will be a lot happening over the next few weeks so watch this space....

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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