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Classic Car Project Nomad #33

Classic Car Project Nomad #33 Classic Car Project Nomad #33 Classic Car Project Nomad #33 Classic Car Project Nomad #33 Over the last week Anthony at Quickfit Motorsports has been busy fabricating a set of extractors and sourcing the needed clutch parts for Project Nomad. It would have been nice to grab a set of pre fabricated extractors and have them bolt straight up and it appeared there was adequate room to do just that. The only dicky area was the steering rod between the end of the column and the rack and pinion set up.

A set was sourced for an LS engine from Pacemaker and they looked the goods. The left bank was a doddle and would bolt straight up but I was dreaming if I thought the right hand side set were going to do the same. Some thought was put into massaging the right side pipes but if at some point in the future you wanted to some work on the engine, pull it out or whatever it would have been a major undertaking. The decision came to down to build a set from scratch.

As mentioned earlier, the left bank was straightforward. After a considerable thought process Anthony decided to fabricate the right bank in two sections. The top flange that bolts to the heads is in two pieces and the there is another section down below that is bolted together. If any changes or maintenance were required in the future you have good access to everything in the engine bay.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so check out the images attached and you will see what I mean. The trial fitment met the objectives and now they are awaiting pickup to get professionally ceramic coated to help lower the heat in the engine bay, extend their life and to provide a little more under bonnet bling.

The ceramic coating company of choice is Competition Coatings Queensland. When I first saw the work they did and the variety of coatings, colours and materials available the pipes were never going anywhere else. The business is run by husband and wife team, Debbie and Peter Herriman out of Archerfield in Queensland and you can check out their work here at

The turnaround time is roughly a week and on their return the rest of the exhaust will be fabricated and fitted. Progress continues, watch this space...


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