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Classic Car Project Nomad #34

Classic Car Project Nomad #34 Classic Car Project Nomad #34 Classic Car Project Nomad #34 Classic Car Project Nomad #34 I don’t know what your experiences are but often when I meet someone who excels at what they do they are often grumpy, quirky or out there. It seems to go with the territory – whether they work by themselves or in a team environment their skills and expertise are often countered by a certain demeanour that leaves you feeling a little cold and clammy.

It is always refreshing to have the opposite happen. My first meeting with the husband and wife proprietors of Competition Coatings Queensland was a very pleasurable experience. They say first impressions count and with Peter and Debbie Herriman my first impressions were good business, skilled professionals and nice people to boot.

I was invited to have a look around the showroom and then we went out the back and I got an in depth look at how they produce the huge array of thermal coatings that they provide to customers around Australia. I knew then and there that if I ever required any form of coatings in the future, this was the place I was sending them to.

The extractors that Anthony had fabricated for me were sent up to Queensland to have the team at Competition Coatings perform their magic on. I was pretty impressed with the job Anthony did on them and today while I was painting the chassis of Project Nomad the extractors arrived back at Quickfit Motorsports. Steve whipped them out of the box and I was blown away by how good they looked.

Her indoors would not approve but they were so good I would mount them on the wall as a piece of art. Flawless. Awesome. To have them hanging off the LS2 and dissipating heat, providing a few extra horses and hidden under the bonnet seems too mundane a task for something that looks that good.

Competition Coatings Queensland can coat most things automotive – exhaust components, pistons, heads, valve springs, engine valves, brake and suspension components, tappet covers and so on with the benefits of a greatly enhanced appearance and increased life span of a component by 2 to 5 times. Check out their website at for some great examples of what they do best. All the work is carried out in house.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case they look better than in the images. You’ve got to love highly polished bling. The build continues, watch this space.

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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