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Classic Car Project Nomad #39

Classic Car Project Nomad #39 Classic Car Project Nomad #39 Classic Car Project Nomad #39 Classic Car Project Nomad #39 Wednesday morning started sensationally from the outset – a picture perfect sunrise, clear skies and the weather was getting warmer. Project Nomad was getting warmer as well as Brian had called and let me know they had squirted the electric blue paint on the body and pearl white paint on the roof. It was time to go and check it out.

When I arrived the car was baking outside in the sunlight and I knew immediately that I had made the right choice with the colour. It’s a personal thing but I think this colour looks terrific on the Nomad and will only look better when all the trim and chrome is back on the car. A two tone paint job does it for me as well and the roof and the entire rear carries on the metallic look and provides a good contrast.

The body colour is off the latest mini and is called electric blue. In order to get a solid, consistent shade Brian applied six coats and was happy with the result. When he initially sprayed the inner fenders and splash pans with a few coats the paint appeared blotchy under direct sunlight so the body saw more coats and five heavy coats of clear to top it off. The roof colour is the current white you see on all the different Subaru models and Toyota and others have a very similar shade.

The roof colour has a pearl quality which doesn’t show up in the photos. It is not as in your face as the old fashioned pearls but depending upon the light angles it will change from a metallic white through cream to even a yellowish tinge. I decided to paint the entire rear of the car in this colour so if you look at the car from behind you will see no blue at all. I think the chrome strips on the tailgate and a newly chromed liftgate will really add to the bling factor when combined with this colour.

After Joscar had sprayed all the door jambs, radiator support, under the bonnet, dash and inside of the doors they put the front end back on the car and gapped it accordingly. It is good to see it together again and I feel Project Nomad is entering the home straight with the winning post in sight. The car will sit for a few more weeks before the guys will cut and buff it to perfection and then reassembly will commence.

In the background I have been chasing up a few of the other things required for completion. The new American Racing nine and a half inch rims for the rear arrived and I will need to get them wrapped in rubber, balanced and fitted.

There are three main milestones ahead with the build - chrome, wiring and interior. The short term focus has been on getting the chrome done and a after a call to the supplier he assures me it should be ready by the end of the month. The seventy plus chromed bits need to be attached to the car before it heads south to Classic Wiring Looms and Chris O’Shea Motor Trimming. I still don’t know what the invoice shock will be for the chroming but cheap is not a word I would associate with the expected bill.

So far, so good. Watch this space...

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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