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Classic Car Project Nomad #43

Classic Car Project Nomad #43 Classic Car Project Nomad #43 Classic Car Project Nomad #43 Classic Car Project Nomad #43 Project Nomad externally is now fully finished and ready for the next chapter in its restoration. Joe and Brian at Joscar Smash and Restorations have put all the bright work on the car and the front windscreen is now installed. The seats are fitted, along with the dash and instruments so it can be rolled and manoeuvred onto a flatbed for the journey over to Cromer Exhaust Centre.

On the last day at Joscar the engineer came over to have a good look at the car while it was on the hoist. He highlighted a number of things that will keep me busy for some time. Firstly, he requires documentation of all the driveline changes and details of the approval standards for parts that require them. Things such as brake lines need certain approval ratings to get passed so I will have a comprehensive paper trail to resolve. With the LS2 motor he wants a charcoal canister installed and he also picked me on the seat belts. I knew they had to be Australian compliant, which they are but the three lap belts in the back were deemed a no no and the outside belts have to be lap/sash.

It still amazes me how small things slip through the cracks. After exhaustive research on line and consulting the manual I thought I had all the bits and pieces I needed to rebuild the car. The truth is I ordered stuff I didnít need and missed a few bits I did. The excess will end up on eBay. The cowl to hood seal was one example of a piece I missed so that and a few more parts will be ordered to tidy up the loose ends. Thankfully there were no show stoppers as they are all small bits and can be put on the Nomad when I receive them.

Cromer Exhaust will do all the final fiddly mechanical bits with the intention being that when it is wired we can turn the key and Project Nomad will fire into life. Serpentine belts, fuel pumps, brake bleed, wheels and alignment, clutch master cylinder, charcoal canister, suspension adjustment and exhaust tweaking are some of the final pieces in the puzzle that will allow us to move on to the wiring, trimming and registration.

Project Nomad is now safely ensconced at Cromer Exhaust Centre and over the next couple of weeks the work will be carried out to ensure it is ready for the auto electrician. Bring it on. Watch this space.....

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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