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Classic Car Project Nomad #50

Classic Car Project Nomad #50 Classic Car Project Nomad #50 Classic Car Project Nomad #50 Classic Car Project Nomad #50 I wrote a cheque the other day and every time I do this it drives home the realization that the best laid plans can turn to shit in a nanosecond. The trigger is when I write the date in the top right hand corner. November 2010. It has been three years since I first laid eyes on the Nomad when I picked it up from Mascot on the 6th November 2007. The projected restoration would take twelve months. Tell him he’s dreaming….

Feeling extremely guilty and somewhat pissed off I went to find out what was happening with Project Nomad. Every job seems to take longer than expected – a lot longer. Peter was out when I arrived at Henshaws so I took a few photos, had a quick chat with the guys and went around the corner looking for a decent cup of coffee.

This got me thinking about all the bits needed to finish the project and get it on the road. I did some quick calculations in my head and apart from the wheels and power steering pump saga the only thing outstanding was the chrome for the interior. I had the chrome guys number in my mobile so while I was waiting for the cuppa to be made I decided to call them in Melbourne and see what’s happening.

“Optus regrets to inform you that this number has been disconnected, please check the number and try again”. What the!!!!! I called again, same message. No, no…this cant be happening. I checked the number, called again, same story. My crook day just got a whole lot shittier.

Apart from the roof bows, all the interior bits that the chromer had were irreplaceable. It would take months to replace all the trim bits from dealers or eBay in the US. I rang each day for a fortnight. Same story. Worse case scenario – he has gone out of business, closed the shop and I lose all the trim. Expletives were freely flowing from my mouth every time I thought about it.

I decided to jump in the car and drive to Melbourne. He had to be around somewhere and even if he had gone belly up he still would possibly have the parts as they would be of little use to anyone, except a nomad owner. The day before I leave I book the accommodation, get everything sorted and decide to call the chromer one last time.

The phone answers. I can’t believe it. To cut a long story short the guy has gone on a two month holiday to Europe and disconnected his phone while he was away. I can’t believe anyone would do that – but he did. I still went to Melbourne to get the parts and believing they were all done I was pissed off again when six of the major interior trim pieces hadn’t been chromed yet. I grabbed what was done, let me feelings be known in as tactful a manner as I could ( I still need the rest of the stuff) and left.

Tomorrow I’m off to see how the wiring is going again…. What’s next?

Words by Mark, owner of Classic Car Gurus


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