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Donut Derelicts, NSW

Donut Derelicts, NSW Donut Derelicts, NSW Donut Derelicts, NSW Donut Derelicts, NSW After heading out of the Morisset Swap Meet I turned south with the intent of checking out the Donut Derelicts get together at Cafe Pennoz in the Tuggerah Business Park on the Central Coast of NSW. Michael, the organiser, lifted the name and idea from an event run in Huntington Beach, CA and they welcome anyone with a hot rod, kustom, classic, vintage, USA or Oz muscle car on the second Sunday of the month from mid spring to April.

Coming off the freeway it was easy to find and the sight of a few sleds and rods in the car park told me I was in the right place. They usually pull between fifty and a hundred cars but this Sunday was a little light on as a large number of regulars had headed up to the Morisset Swap Meet were I had just come from.

The owners of the cafe open up from 8am especially for the guys and gals that turn up and they seemed pretty busy and happy with the turnout. This is an informal gathering, no charge, trophies or any of the normal car show stuff – just turn up, have brekky and a chat with like minded enthusiasts. It pulls a large crowd from the Central Coast via word of mouth and the quality and diversity of cars was worth the trip. The frothy coffee was the icing on the cake.

Michael indicated next month a couple of American car clubs are popping in which normally results in bedlam with bodies and cars spread over the complex and out on the street. If the quality of what I saw today is anything to go by, it is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

A low, wide, chopped and sledded Chev was presented flawlessly and as I found out later this belonged to Michael. Beside it sat a wicked Studebaker that was just about on its guts, sensational paint and interior, lake pipes and immaculate. When the owner left it had a lumpy cam, indicating that is wasn’t just for show. As he turned onto Reliance Drive he lent on the accelerator which unleashed the ponies from the big block resulting in a lovely double strip of rubber down the road.

If you like hanging out, talking cars and grabbing a good feed you’ll find the guys here very hospitable and it was a great way to while away a few lazy hours on a Sunday morning. Plenty of wives and kids too, so bring the family along for their next get together on April 10, 2011. Cafe Pennoz, corner Bounty Close and Reliance Drive, Tuggerah Business Park.

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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