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Motorex 2011, NSW

Motorex 2011, NSW Motorex 2011, NSW Motorex 2011, NSW Motorex 2011, NSW After a foul week in Sydney with every sporting venue washed out I decided to go to Motorex on the Saturday to check out this years action. Iíve been going since the first show and in my opinion it has slowly gotten worse so I wasnít feeling overly optimistic about the event.

As always, every time I make an assumption it proves to be wrong and this yearís event was clearly the best of them all. The vibe, quality of the rides on display, amount of people and overall presentation was top shelf stuff.

This show has a big slant towards bling, babes and big blocks and this year there was more of everything. The calibre of the show cars in the HOK inauguration and Meguiars Superstar area has always been outstanding yet somehow this year it was taken to the next level. Thatís a big call as in the past the quality was above excellent on a number of cars yet this year it seemed that quality plus some applied to just about every car in the round dome. Iím glad I wasnít one of the judges!

Hot rods, customs, classics, custom bikes, car clubs, rice burners, the doof doof crew, trade stands, food vendors Ė it is all there. In the centre of the dome was an HQ Monaro called Marilyn that was getting possibly more attention than anything else. This Monaro had so many subtle custom touches that on each of the four occasions that I looked at it I noticed a swag of different mods. It was superb, yet simplistic. Classic HQ, yet different. Heavily modified and clean. The matt paint got you wondering, the engine had you dribblingÖ

Car shows are the last bastion of sexism and there were more babes, cleavage, leg and leather this year to put smiles on the faces of the punters. It is just a shame that some of these pretty young things donít know how to smile and most of them looked like they would rather be somewhere else.

Big blocks, chrome, deep dished rims, candy paint, two tone, leather trim, music and billet where everywhere. The classics and muscle cars were well represented and in top nick and various clubs put on great displays. Sadly there was nothing this year in the Shannons auction that I would like in my garage.

On that subject though there was a stand out for me - a 64 Corvette that was customised to the highest standard by an owner that has deeper pockets than all the rest of us combined. I had a chat with his wife and found out after six years of extending doors, widening the body, adding a split window, grafting a Z06 chassis and mechanicals under the skin, custom interior and too many other changes to mention the car arrived from South Australia and had literally just been finished. I have no doubt this will appear in a magazine soon and a photo is attached so you can recognise it. Truly a world class Corvette.

This year was worth the twenty five bucks admission and I spent seven hours checking everything out, which is a record for me at any event. I will be coming back again. Bring on 2012!

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus.


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