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Classic Car Project Nomad #54

Classic Car Project Nomad #54 Classic Car Project Nomad #54 Classic Car Project Nomad #54 Classic Car Project Nomad #54 It’s been a long time since I sat down at the keyboard and punched out a few words about Project Nomad. It is not because no news is good news but rather there has been an extensive house renovation and all the news on the nomad is bad, with one exception.

Lets start with the good news – a couple of months ago we had a monumental day when we fired the old girl up for the first time. It was so sweet to hear that LS2 purring in the engine bay. It lasted for all of thirty seconds until we had to shut her down for a number of reasons. We have had it going since and all those sinister thoughts I had about the engine sitting for seven years were alleviated.

From here on in it is a tale of one step forward, seven steps back. The reason we had to shut down the motor was due to the power steering trying to tear itself out of the car. Once running, the steering wheel (without any help) snapped viciously to the left and was making a horrid noise that would send zombies back to the grave. It’s a long story but the synopsis was a manufacturing defect that ended up getting fixed locally. There is a downside of buying stuff out of the US…

The new engine loom also cast up a few mini dramas that were overcome by throwing money at the problem. A new alternator was one of the solutions deemed necessary due to a change in the connectors. We also had the lingering issue of wiring up after market gauges to the LS2. This involved running a number of fabricated plugs that required another set of expertise.

All the old issues were still there plus a number of new ones once it was fired up so I made the executive decision to get it out of the auto electricians to sort out all the other crap. One guy I have dealt with over the years that has always been knowledgeable, professional and anal pedantic is Paul from Procar. He’s one of these classic short, cheeky, take the piss kind of guys that has a story and years of experience to go with it. After he’d expanded his workshop I knew he would be the go to guy to get the nomad sorted.

Little did I know what lay ahead……

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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