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Classic Car Project Nomad #55

Classic Car Project Nomad #55 Classic Car Project Nomad #55 Classic Car Project Nomad #55 Classic Car Project Nomad #55 The nomad arrives at Procar looking the goods because I had a chance to wash it enroute. With expansive sheet metal and no shortage of chrome scrubbing it offers a better work out than the Virgin gym up the road, although there is nothing to perve at.

Paul sorted the power steering dramas that I alluded to into the last article and the first thing I wanted to do was get a brake pedal. Three other companies have tried and failed and the root of the problem goes back to the dills at Quickfit Motorsport who never bled the master cylinder in the first place and have stuffed up everything they touched. The only things left on the car that I haven’t had to redo due to their incompetence are the engine mounts and rear end – but that was about to change for the worse!

Procar bled the master cylinder and realised it was meant for a disc drum configuration, not the four wheel disc setup that had been there from day one. As I have found out (to my detriment) American companies selling stuff as a kit sometimes don’t have their act together. The brake kit came from CPP, specifically designed for a 57 Chev and when I upgraded the booster to a chrome unit the sales guy obviously got the configuration wrong. It was easier and quicker to sort locally but just another example to get the misses yelling money pit again.

Something still wasn’t right and it turns out the rear callipers were frozen. More money. More time. More laughter. Every time I go and see Paul the conversation starts with “Its up the shit…..” followed by me asking how many things this time? And so it goes, fixing previous stuff ups by incompetent cretins. Paul got a brake pedal and its still there two months later!

My second visit was the come to Jesus moment when I realised just how f****d up it really was. Paul said come and have a look at this. The nomad was in the air on the hoist. He said watch the rear suspension as he lowers it on the ground. Down it comes, slowly, slowly then touchdown. Nothing really. He asks what did I see. I said nothing. He said your right – your rear suspension has absolutely no travel in it at all, in fact the only thing that moved was the tyre became a little flatter with the weight of the car on it. This is not good.

Paul is an old drag racer and knows a few things about suspension geometry. He raised the car so we could stand underneath it and see. He showed me stuff that had me wanting to neck the jerks at Quickfit. It was beyond amateurish. The dramas with the rear end were so dramatic it needs a whole story unto itself. Watch this space….

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus.


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