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Classic Car Project Nomad #58

Classic Car Project Nomad #58 Classic Car Project Nomad #58 Classic Car Project Nomad #58 Classic Car Project Nomad #58 Another milestone has finally been reached with the conclusion of the wiring of Project Nomad. I knew this would take some time but I didn’t realise it would be as long as it had been. I went back and referenced the date I wrote the initial article on the wiring and it was the 28th August 2010. Yeah, nearly three years of dramas, sagas and little progress. Time to turn the page….

Way back when I was going to get the Nomad wired and trimmed in Melbourne then decided it would be easier to manage if it was local. So the next logical step was the trimmer. I was going to use T. Wall and Sons at Brookvale based on a number of referrals. I went down and had a long chat with them and left a five hundred dollar deposit to get the Nomad in the queue. You probably already know how this ended up!

During the substantial timeframe in getting the car wired I popped into T. Wall and Sons to let them know of the progress. Things were looking bleak when I noticed a For Lease sign on the building. The business had gone. Google turned up nothing. I went back a couple of months later and spoke to the business next door and got the story.

Turns out the business was wound up and the son Craig went out on his own. I went and saw him and thankfully he still had the headliner for the Nomad but told me my deposit was gone as this is a new business and if I wanted my car trimmed he wouldn’t be able to do it for at least six months. I picked up the headliner, contained the expletives running around my brain and left. If there’s one thing I have learnt in a restoration project never pay a deposit for anything.

There was a trimmer up in North Narrabeen that I had used before so I went up to see him. His business had gone too and the guy next door told me he relocated to the Central Coast. He did tip me in on a guy down the road, Duncan who may be able to help.

Duncan is my sort of guy – helpful, laid back and knows his stuff. I looked over a lot of the jobs he was doing to get a feel for his work and came to the conclusion he was up to the task. He was able to take the Nomad in a couple of weeks and so now it resides in his shop as we go over what the colours, design and overall appearance of the interior will be.

There are a gazillion outstanding vinyl and leather products on the market today. The interior will be a full custom build with the back seat the only original piece remaining. It is like sitting on a humped park bench so Duncan will reshape it and make it comfortable so hopefully any back seat passenger wont be flung around if I go corner carving.

The decision on the materials will be made this week and some subtle enhancements for door trim, arm rests and a bit of bling should set the stage for the beginning of the interior. Watch this space.

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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