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Motorex 2013

Motorex 2013 Motorex 2013 Motorex 2013 Motorex 2013 It’s been a couple of years since I last went to Motorex and there have been a number of changes. The first noticeable change was the entry fee – two years ago it was twenty dollars and this year it was thirty five. They certainly didn’t miss you however there was heaps of paying punters queuing up to get through the door but I sympathise with anyone who took a family along.

Another noticeable change were a lot more trade stands and people. I went on Sunday and the crowds were solid but I believe Saturday was absolutely chocker. All the usual babes, bling and bright lights were on show and of course a big draw card this year was Chip Foose.

It’s hard to believe but the quality of cars is improving. A few years ago the quality was above outstanding and this year somehow it got better. I would hate to think of the investment the owners put into building the elite show cars in the first hall and I wonder if their partners knew what the actual build cost was! I suspect a minimum of three hundred thousand and some may be nudging seven figures. Unbelievable.

The vibe was a lot better in 2013 with more to see and do. There were more elite show cars and a number of clubs represented with displays of pristine classics and customs. There seemed to be a lot more bikes as well and the build quality of all of them was top shelf. There also seemed to be a lot more scantily clad babes prancing around promoting various products than a few years ago. In most other industries this would be construed to be politically incorrect but at Motorex the more the merrier applies. Good on em.

Shannons had its auction set up down the back and there appeared to be a good selection of classics and automobilia going under the hammer late on Sunday. Outside there was an impressive line up of classics and customs to ogle and out the back were even more with a couple of dragsters thrown in for interest. There were plenty of race cars inside, audio booths and the mandatory mega doof doof mobiles that I suspect the audio components cost more than the car.

It was exceptionally hard to pick a car I would love to see in my garage as the array of customs, rods, classics and bikes would have any grown man or woman drooling for days. Although difficult, this year the Woods and Woods 1416 concept car would get my pick. Hand fabricated aluminium four door coupe with a 14 liter V16 block made out of a single piece of billet aluminium dropped on its guts and riding on custom 24inch wheels. It was massive and looked somewhat menacing and sinister but oh my what a car. It was built in Woy Woy on the central coast and although the doors and bonnet were closed it looked like a world class build. Astonishing. God knows what dollars went into that.

After the visual feasts of all the auto porn on display it was time to head for the café and top up on coffee and some tucker. As usual, I shouldn’t have bothered. Why is it at these types of shows the food is always crap. Dagwood dogs, hot chips, indescribable things sitting in heat trays….. who eats Dagwood dogs anyway? And the price you have to pay was just criminal.

Forget that, the wrap up was Motorex 2013 was a visual treat and it will be interesting to see what next year holds as I don’t believe there is another level car builders can go to. If you have never been put Motorex in July 2014 on your calendar before they price it out of reach of the average Aussie.

Words by Mark, proprietor of Classic Car Gurus


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