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Classic Car Project Nomad #61

Classic Car Project Nomad #61 Classic Car Project Nomad #61 Classic Car Project Nomad #61 Classic Car Project Nomad #61 As the Nomad restoration inches itís way towards six trying years I decided to change out my other classic car, a 66 Corvette coupe. It was on the verge of needing a full cosmetic restoration and rather than put myself through the pain again I thought I would see if anyone was interested and look for a convertible classic with a back seat.

I was thinking Firebird, Camaro or Mustang with only two criteria Ė convertible and right hand drive. To cut a long story short I purchased a 69 Mustang that met my two criteria. Interestingly it had central locking tied into an alarm and I took such a shine to that feature I had to replicate it on the Nomad.

The concept of putting a key in the door to open a classic is the norm but with a modern daily driver that comes with all the bells and whistles I reckoned it would be a worthwhile retrofit. A Mongoose alarm was sourced for a few hundred dollars and the central locking component was a measly sixty bucks. Good value.

The guy that upgraded the stereo for me in the Mustang, Nick was capable of doing the install so I met him at the trimmers and he wired it all up for me. The unit has a separate horn for the alarm and I swear you can hear it three suburbs away. All up the install took a couple of hours and was neatly tucked into the wiring loom and the siren unit was mounted to the firewall where the fresh air ducts on a 57 used to reside.

The unit also has a flashing blue LED that will be mounted in the centre console to hopefully deter would be thieves.

One handy feature is you can turn the alarm off with a special key. I didnít realise the importance of this until I understood that every time the battery is disconnected the alarm will go off as it thinks someone may be trying to nick your classic. Given the battery will be disconnected a gazillion times before it hits the road I now fully appreciate this feature.

It made sense to do this before the door trims were installed, as I would be reticent to pull the trims off to retrofit anything. All up it was well worth the effort and for the minimal outlay this is something I would recommend anyone with a classic should look at.

Words by Mark, owner of Classic Car Gurus


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