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Classic Car Project Nomad #62

Classic Car Project Nomad #62 Classic Car Project Nomad #62 Classic Car Project Nomad #62 Classic Car Project Nomad #62 All expectations of a quick turnaround on the Nomad trimming have, like everything else, been dashed. Murphy’s Law has once again come into play and this time the root cause is a courier company.

We ordered some suede for the interior and I decided I would prefer to have it perforated before it was sewn into the interior. This is not uncommon and Duncan uses a company in Melbourne that provides a quick turn around and quality job.

His usual courier company, Star Track Express were tasked with picking the suede up in Sydney and delivering it to Melbourne. In these technology advanced days we live in you can now track your package online, see where it is and when it should be delivered. At least that’s the theory….

When we spoke to the perforators they knew nothing about the suede – never seen it. A quick call to Star Track Express turned into a long call and a promise to call us back. Nothing. Another call, another promise, nothing. How hard can it be? The third attempt elicited a response that was bordering on the unbelievable – the suede was in southeast Queensland. Don’t ask what it was doing there because we never found out. Keeping our tolerance in check we asked that it be shipped to the address on the package that was firmly taped around the tube and highlighted in enormous type that a blind man could see.

A week later still nothing, phone calls, follow ups… all the while no firm answer on what is going on. After a month they finally confessed it was lost, disappeared, gone. They also mentioned that if you read the fine print they are not responsible and it is up to the shipper to insure it even though their company name implies accountability and timeliness.

The response we got from Star Track was below piss poor and one wonders how a national Australian transport and logistics company could just lose our suede. Turns out Star Track Express are owned by Australia Post so we gave up in disgust knowing we are dealing with a government-owned corporation.

As luck would have it the local distributor for the suede has run out of our particular colour so it should take a month to source some more from Italy. Then off to Melbourne, back to Sydney… the week’s just slip by.

The good news is all the ply is cut for the door trims, rear seat surrounds, rear console and wagon area. The carpet has been ordered and the leather has arrived. Once the suede turns up there should be a flurry of sewing and the interior will be done. At least that’s the theory….watch this space.

Words by Mark, owner of Classic Car Gurus


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