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Classic Car Project Nomad #67

Classic Car Project Nomad #67 Classic Car Project Nomad #67 Classic Car Project Nomad #67 Classic Car Project Nomad #67 The nomad was treated to its first wash in the last twelve months when it broke cover from the workshop and saw the light of the day. The old asbestos roof on Duncanís workshop was replaced over the weekend and rather than have it covered in asbestos dust or have something fall on it the nomad was whisked outside, washed and moved to a safe place for the weekend.

The extra hide of leather arrived so we are now in the home straight and the winning post is in sight. There is not much left to do on the interior and hopefully by the end of next week it should be done and moving on to the next phase of the restoration.

The front part of the console has been mocked up and the top has been leathered. The alarm light has been fitted along with the air conditioning controls. The stereo and GPS unit is boxed in and the vents have been fitted. Only the sides remain to be done and they have been designed to pull off easily should any of the components in the console require attention in the future.

The rear of the seats will get pockets sewn on and the sun visors still need to be covered. That covers off the leather and there will be a couple of the chrome strips attached to the front section of console to dress it up and maintain the consistency with the rear console.

The last remaining job currently being undertaken is painting the lower plastic bucket seat surrounds to match the interior. Once they are back they will be fitted and the foam on the right hand side of the drivers seat will be massaged slightly to allow for ample clearance from the armrest.

Once finished at the trimmer it is off to Procar so Paul can finalise the hand brake, raise the front coil over height and sort out the sway bar that is rubbing on the inside of the wheel.

Then it is back to Joscar for a final buff and some minor detailing and then registration. I have downloaded all the latest VSCCS documents regarding getting it registered and will ponder these over the next week. Itís all happening. Watch this spaceÖ.

Words by Mark, owner of Classic Car Gurus


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