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Classic Car Project Nomad #69

Classic Car Project Nomad #69 Classic Car Project Nomad #69 Classic Car Project Nomad #69 Classic Car Project Nomad #69 The weeks continue to slip by and the nomad is still at Procar getting sorted for the engineering inspection. We got it up on the hoist and had a good look over everything and a number of issues came to light. On a test drive there was a harsh vibration on acceleration, something was rubbing somewhere, the diff was noisy and the brakes left a lot to be desired.

The harsh vibration on acceleration turned out to be a power steering knuckle on the rack that was too close to the sump. Due to engine movement on acceleration it was rubbing against the edge of the sump so the rack was pulled out and sent to an engineer to shorten the fitting in the rack to allow for ample clearance. This has been sorted and the rack just needs to be reinstalled.

The rubbing coming from the rear end was the bolts for the rear seat in the wheel arch rubbing against the inner tyre when the suspension travelled up and down. I sourced some high tensile bolts and Duncan, Dave and Lowy went down on a Saturday and pulled the back seat out and fitted the new bolts. Murphy’s Law was true to form – the worst possible thing to take out was the back seat as the console, rear cargo platform, rear side panels, top and bottom of the seats all had to pulled out. With no options, the guys knocked it over in three hours and now there are no clearance issues in the wheel wells.

The diff noise turned out to be a lack of the good oil, or in this case diff oil. It barely had any in it so it was topped up and a special Penrite slippery diff clutch additive was mixed in. No more noise.

The brakes are yet to be done but the handbrake has been sorted with a special alloy bracket fabricated and installed that has the lines positioned well away from the exhaust and pulling evenly when the handbrake is applied.

The rack will be installed tomorrow and hopefully the brakes bled and sorted then it is back to the wheel alignment gurus to have all four wheels aligned before we head out to Joscar the week after next. There is forward movement….

Words by Mark, owner of Classic Car Gurus


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