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Classic Car Project Nomad #71

Classic Car Project Nomad #71 Classic Car Project Nomad #71 Classic Car Project Nomad #71 Classic Car Project Nomad #71 Its taken some time to sort out the collapsible steering column and after talking to a number of vendors finally bit the bullet and bought one off eBay here in Australia as it was in stock, the right length and met the spec.

The greatest advantage in buying locally was I had it in a couple of days and I figured a new RHD collapsible Ididit column should be an easy switch as the previous column was the same brand. There I go making assumptions again….. of course the outcome was different.

The original column was sourced locally through American Online Imports out of Adelaide. That business has since been sold and morphed into one carrying similar products but different brands. The original column had a one-inch DD shaft, two and quarter inch thickness at the bottom and two inches at the top. The new column has a one and quarter inch DD shaft, two-inch thickness at the bottom and two and quarter inches at the top.

This required sourcing a new floor swivel mount for the firewall that accommodates the two-inch bottom shaft and thankfully this fitted in the old hole with no modifications. The upper bracket that holds the column to the dash didn’t work anymore so we had a new one fabricated from scratch that looks the goods and will meet the engineer’s requirements. I also had to source a new steering link coupler to mate up to the one and quarter inch DD shaft.

All the other paper work has been scrounged together so this week it is off to get an Unregistered Vehicle Permit from RMS so I can get a weighbridge ticket, decelerometer brake test and a noise level test. Once they are done the engineer will be called for the final viewing, test drive and hopefully a certificate for the nomad. The winning post is in sight. Watch this space.

Words by Mark, owner of Classic Car Gurus


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