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Classic Car Project Nomad #72

Classic Car Project Nomad #72 Classic Car Project Nomad #72 Classic Car Project Nomad #72 Classic Car Project Nomad #72 The nomad is so close to getting registered Iím getting excited yet every possible obstacle that can come up of course has. I wasted two and half hours in the RMS hoping to get an Unregistered Vehicle Permit (I even printed the forms off the web) only to be told I donít need one by the third person I was flicked toÖ. Turns out that if you are going from workshop to home with an appointment you donít need it. Thanks for mentioning that on your website.

The weighbridge ticket and brake test went smoothly with no dramas. Goodspanner at Brookvale could accommodate both so I left there with a smile on my face. I drive up the road to the major intersection of Harbord Road and Pittwater Road and am sitting first at the lights turning right heading north. The nomad dies. Lights go green, abuse from all and sundry, nothing. I turn the car off, wait for the next lights, start it up and it goes. Thank god.

As I run down into Dee Why the traffic is thicker than a greenies armpit so I decide to sneak around the back and as I pull up to the last set of traffic lights it dies again. Motor is still running, rougher than hessian undies but no response from the accelerator. Turn it off, wait till green, start it up and straight home. What the *#@&!

Having not driven it much all sorts of gremlins appeared once I had it on the road, albeit unregistered. There was an ugly rattle under the floor, a scraping sound going through dips, a harshness in the front end, power steering squeal that sounds fatal and the above mentioned dramas when it just dies. I felt like torching the piece of shit.

Two days later I emerged, got my act together and had a long hard look to see whatís up. The ugly rattle under the floor turned out to be a legacy of another shoddy exhaust job as one of the pipes was sitting on the transmission cross member. With any slight movement of the motor e.g. driving it produced a rattle. No wonder that exhaust shop went out of business. The scraping was coming from the rear wheel hitting the inside guard, the front end was close to bottoming out on the bump stops and the power steering fluid is roaring around the system at a gazillion miles and hour and needs a restrictor in the line to settle it down.

The stopping was a whole different drama. Running the codes through the E38 computer raised a raft issues that are not resolved to this day. We got the nomad on the dyno to see exactly what was going on and the left bank of the engine was running really lean. After checking on various LS forums it appears this is a common problem on LS2ís Ė not an issue with an LS1 or LS3. Of courseÖ only on the engine I picked. My patience is shot but Iím not giving up now. Watch this spaceÖ.

Words by Mark, owner Classic Car Gurus


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