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Classic Car Project Nomad #73

Classic Car Project Nomad #73 Classic Car Project Nomad #73 Classic Car Project Nomad #73 Classic Car Project Nomad #73 After a few good nights sleep I got stuck into it again and had many productive chats with Paul from Procar to sort out all the niggling bits and get the nomad registered.

I caught Glenn from Sandy Cortis Muffler Service two weeks before he was shutting up shop and moving to Orange and he did a great job of massaging the exhaust so that it clears the transmission member resulting in no rattles. Tick.

The tyre scraping on the inside of the guard was overcome with a spacer and will require a tweeking in the future. There are no issues going around a right hand corner – it only scrapes going left. The geometry on the four link is such that the panhard rod pulls the rear end to the left and this will be addressed in the next couple of weeks.

Goodspanner did a full wheel alignment and lowered the car slightly to allow greater travel for the front A-arms. The coil over suspension setup is adjustable via the shock absorbers both front and back and in the rear there are three height adjustments for the rear bars. They just massaged the shocks so it sits a little lower and works a lot better. Tick.

The most annoying thing when driving it was the squealing coming from the power steering. Just driving it down the road to Procar was doing my head in so we fitted a restrictor in one of the lines and this certainly helped but did not fully eradicate all the noise. On closer inspection the aftermarket power steering reservoir had a tee fitting in the bottom of it and this made the fluid whirl around, froth and appeared to be the issue regarding the noise. On most production cars the reservoir is baffled so we needed to find an aftermarket one to do the job.

A search turned up a solution from Aeroflow who make a polished aluminium power steering reservoir tank that has a tube and baffle inside and was larger than the one fitted to the nomad. It was a beautiful piece of workmanship and design however the mounting bracket was an absolute bitch to install as the screws are concealed and trying to get the allen key up behind it against the radiator support panel led to constant profanities and a two hour install time. If the screws were simply on the side and mount from the front it would have taken two minutes…. The good news it did the job admirably – no more power steering squeal. Tick. Getting closer, watch this space.

Words by Mark, owner Classic Car Gurus


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