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Classic Car Project Nomad #74

Classic Car Project Nomad #74 Classic Car Project Nomad #74 Classic Car Project Nomad #74 Classic Car Project Nomad #74 With a few niggly things out of the way I decided it was time to get the engineer back and see if I could get the nomad registered. It would be so much easier running around getting all the little things sorted if I could drive it legally on the road and know I was covered for insurance purposes.

The engineer hails from Narellan, nowhere near where I live. Apart from being a top bloke he is mobile and came up to check out the final list of things he gave me and take it for a test drive. I was confident about the list, not so much about the test drive….

The car still had the issue with running rough (sometimes) and cutting out altogether. He mentioned he only needed to drive it around the block and when it was cold it normally performs OK. Fingers crossed it will behave.

The inspection went well with everything on the list attended to, done right and the engineer was happy. Time for a test drive. We live in a relatively hill area, on top of a ridge so all the roads cascade down and around the hill and a block in any direction of the front gate is about a kilometre. The car fired right up and with the engineer at the wheel off we went.

While he was driving I mentioned the car needs a bit of a tune from sitting so long and there is a niggling issue with the computer that sometimes makes it run rough. He stood on the brakes, chucked it around the corners and then on the last little hill and right turn into our street it started running rough. I was praying we would make the last hundred metres without it cutting out, which thankfully it did.

The engineer was happy with everything, we shook hands and as he left mentioned that it will take a few days to produce the certificate and he may have further questions but basically everything was sweet. That was right up there in the top ten moments of my life. Yee haa!

True to his word there were a number of requests for information for the certificate and a few weeks later it arrived in the post. Another big Yee haa!

The next step was a blue certificate which I found out mainly has the do with the authenticity and legality of the vehicle. Things like VIN and engine numbers need to be checked to ensure nothing is hot and a range of other stuff gets looked at also. Turns out that Goodspanner do blue slips so I went down and saw John and he sorted it out for me.

I had parked some personalised plates with the RMS at Warriewood so with all the documentation, import approvals and the cheque book I headed down to get the nomad registered. I wont bother detailing the saga that turned into but an hour and a half later I walked out with my personal plates and a rego certificate for the nomad. YEE HAA HHHAAAAAAAAAA. Now for the last few niggles....

Words by Mark, owner of Classic Car Gurus


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