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Wholesale Suspension

Wholesale Suspension Wholesale Suspension Wholesale Suspension Wholesale Suspension It is just too tempting to resist. If there is one bloke who knows that ďcoils ainít coilsĒ itís Steve Soper of Wholesale Suspension located at Penrith, west of Sydney in the shadows of the Blue Mountains.

After obtaining a solid grounding with Pedders Steve set off on his own about 25 years back and set up Wholesale Suspension. Steveís goal then and now was to provide a higher level of service to clients by employing highly trained staff and the use of multiple suppliers.

It certainly has paid off as Steve calls Wholesale Suspension a true suspension specialist as suspensions is all the company does. At Wholesale Suspension, itís suspension first, second and third as they do not undertake general mechanical work, not even a simple oil change. Perhaps youíre now thinking that while all that sounds nice, surely there isnít enough suspension business that needs to be done?

Wholesale Suspensionís excellent service certainly struck a chord with customers as he soon found his previous premises hopelessly inadequate for the amount of work that came through the door. Six years ago Steve Soper moved Wholesale Suspension to their current premises equipped with 8 separate hoists with 16 staff who at any one time can be working on up to 12 separate vehicles.

As we said Steve knows his coils. However there is a lot more to it than that as Wholesale Suspension are distributors for Kings Springs with over 700 pairs bouncing in and out each month. Thatís not just for modern cars either, as Wholesale Suspension looks after all cars, no matter if they are older or modern. Plus Steve says that if you have something a little out of the ordinary itís not a problem. Just bring along what you have and one of Steveís highly trained technicians will ďLoad TestĒ the spring and send the details off to Kings. Within 10 days you will have a brand new pair of springs for your pride and joy. For leaf springs Wholesale Suspension have over 300 in stock and also hold lift kits and lowered springs. If you need your leaf springs reset, Wholesale Suspension offers a 24 hour turn-around.

Of course there is more. For instance the staff at Wholesale Suspension are shock absorber experts and are happy to fit all types including Koni, Ultima, Munroe, KYB, Gabriel, Bilstein and Tough Dog. If youíre interested in converting from lever style shocks to telescopic give Steve a call as he and the team at Wholesale Suspension are experts.

Then there are the thousands of bushes that have been used over the years. Most are straightforward but if itís a little out of the ordinary Wholesale Suspension has over 2,500 part numbers and dimensions that are held in stock or can be quickly sourced. The same goes with the myriad of u-bolts that have been used.

Sourcing the correct balljoint can be an interesting challenge, but Steve says itís one that he takes in his stride. While over 5,000 balljoints are always held in stock, Wholesale Suspension also offers a rebuilding system using a nylon injection system that packs worn joints with nylon to give the unit a second life. If the joint is too far gone Steve says itís possible to rebuild using donor parts allowing the joint to retain the original taper.

Steve Soper says that there is no such thing as it canít be done. The team at Wholesale Suspension are always prepared to fabricate the necessary parts when they are not available or modify something so that it fits and does the perfect job. For instance 5mm rod is always held in stock for the making of sway bars and Steve is happy to make sway bars for anything from a camper van to a drag car.

If itís suspension related Steve Soper at Wholesale Suspension can do it and on top of all that he can arrange for the rebuilding of power and non-power steering systems. There is also a comfortable waiting area next to the hoist where customers are welcome to sit, enjoy a coffee and watch how their car is being cared for.

Give Steve Soper a call for more information of or have a look at

Wholesale Suspension

129 Coreen Ave.,

Penrith, NSW 2750

(02) 4721 2112 ph

(02) 4721 7977 fax

Proprietor: Steve Soper

Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm

Saturday 8am to 2pm

Words by Patrick Quinn


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